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Composite Veneers

The composite veneers are a simple yet classical method aimed at improving and making your smile look better. It is equally important for your teeth to look appealing as it is to keep them healthy. The procedure involves attaching the composite material directly onto the tooth enamel to lighten the colour, to fix chipped bits, to fill gaps and to fix other cosmetic issues. The dentists will then harden and polish the composite to provide an aesthetic improvement with little or no preparation in a single, easy and painless appointment. This procedure helps gives patients the look they desire, love and it helps to boost their confidence.

Teeth Whitening

Many people suffer from yellow teeth for many reasons, most important of which are the foods and drinks that we enjoy every day, in addition to genetic factors that may affect the tooth's purity directly and exposure to pigmentation over time.

In Smiling Tooth Dental Clinic, we, with the expertise of our doctors, turn back the clock and give you white and bright teeth with eight degrees of color in no time.

The presence of some stains and pigments that change the color of your teeth to yellow may distort the beauty of your smile and cause you embarrassment, so maybe whitening your teeth with one of our laser technologies is one of the easy, safe and fast solutions to get the smile you want.

Regardless of the technology chosen for our customers, there is no reason to worry. At Smiling Tooth Dental Clinic, by using our equipment and under the supervision of our specialists, your bright smile is our responsibility.

Zirconia Crowns and Bridges

Your teeth have been created to stay with you for the rest of your life, provided that you take a good care of them. However, you may get cavities or broken teeth despite taking the best preventive measures. No matter what the causes are, sometimes the only way to protect teeth from extraction is by crowning them; a compensatory procedure used to restore the appearance of distorted or damaged teeth. It is an artificial restoration process that aims at covering the damaged tooth and acts like a helmet.

In the field of dental care, it is known that our visits to a dentist may continue more than once over a period of two to three weeks. However, the latest techniques used in “SMILING TOOTH” clinics provide rapid and timely solutions for installing the teeth bridges and crowns. Our dental prosthetic laboratories do best to leave no room for error. Our medical team is committed to delivering the right size, shape and color of teeth crowns made of non-metal zircon, to make them as transparent and vivid as natural teeth.

E-max (Altra Thin) Veneers

Have you ever dreamed of having a smile similar to Hollywood celebrities? Let us tell you that your dream can come true. In “SMILING TOOTH” clinic, our dedicated team will help you achieve this dream smile at a reasonable cost.

The bright, flawless and beautifully coordinated smile is the core of our competence. Since your smile is important to us, join us through the experience of the world's celebrities and public figures. Our skilled specialists, using the most advanced technologies in the field, without the pain of drilling, injection of anesthesia, or bleeding during or after treatment.