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Internal Oral Radiology

If you want to see what your teeth are suffering from, from the dentist’s perspective, we, at (Smiling Tooth Dental Clinic) and through the internal oral Radiology technique - install a small camera and place it in your mouth, where we can get high resolution images of your teeth, on a large screen using the projector. This allows us to see our patient's problems in his mouth or teeth deeper and more clearly.


3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography

When normal or digital radiation images cannot give us enough information, we use 3D cone technology. Through this device, we can create a complete three-dimensional image of the teeth and surrounding tissue. Thus, we can gain a deeper understanding of hidden dental problems. We can also develop a precise treatment plan for medical procedures such as dental implants.


Laser Technology

Our Clinic has advanced equipment to treat many diseases of the mouth and teeth using laser technology, including teeth whitening and gum disease treatment.

This technique is used to treat gingivitis problems by focusing high beams of light to kill harmful bacteria on the gum line, as well as to remove the inflamed tissue without pain. Laser technology is also used for sterilization, bleeding, or swelling that the patient may suffer during or after treatment.


Digital Radiography

The technology used in our clinics helps us in the detection of early tooth decay compared to traditional methods. This device uses light beams to scan tooth enamel and identify any potential weakness. This will allow our medical staff to intervene quickly to control tooth decays and apply the preventive treatment required to stop the formation of a necrotic cavity.